My Myth

Once upon at time, there was a land far far away called “Naz Land”. Here there lived four royal people of the Naz Land kingdom. Their names were, Rugiiever (the oldest prince), Digiiever(the other prince), Angiiever(the queen),and lastly, chigiiever(the king). They all lived happily until the ‘Ruling Counsel’ came and started evaluating Rugiiever, and Digiiever. They had three events. When the first event started, the counsel called the two prince and told them to not get within 500 ft. of each other so they won’t fight and kill one another. Then, for the first event, the counsel went to each of their master trainers that would teach them everything. They asked them which one would be the best king  according to their knowledge. The masters told them that both of them were equal. So the counsel started the second event. The counsel went to the people of  Naz land. They all also said that both of them would be equal. For the tie breaker the counsel started the third round. The counsel would go to the other gods beside the four royals in Naz land. Never had it ever occurred, that the gods would have a tie, but in this case it was different. The gods all said that the two princes would rule equally. So they came to the king with the results. The king too thought the other gods were right for making that choice, because he too thought that the two princes would be equal. The next day ‘choice’ day. The results would be announced and there would be a new king. The counsel reveled the results and everyone was shocked. How could there be two kings? But the two brothers decided that they would split the land so they both wouldn’t have to fight for the land. Then after the two brothers were announced king, they got their god power. Rugiiever was the god of water and land and Digiiever was the god of fire and air. When they both combined their powers, lets just say that if they were evil, on one would be alive, so be glad that they were two brithers who could get along. Also be glad that they used their powers for only good purposes. After the land was split and the two kings had their power, the people ans the kings lived happily ever after. 🙂

A Post in Another Language

I have translated the following : “Hi. Welcome to my blog. I have translated this post into a Greek language. Well that is all I have to say right now so cya!” into a Greek language. Here it is in Greek: “Γεια σου. Καλώς ήρθατε στο blog μου. Έχω μεταφράσει αυτή τη θέση σε ελληνική γλώσσα. Λοιπόν αυτό είναι το μόνο που έχω να πω τώρα έτσι cya!”

Digital Footprint

I know that this is a late post so don’t leave a comment saying it was late because I already know.

You can actually find my picture on Google if you type in my name. It has information about me from my blog and my facebook page. But then again, I am one of those people likes to stay on the internet all day so my posts on any other website could cause that info to come up on Google.

That’s all for now! Bye! 🙂


Hey everybody! This post is to everyone that goes to Whitesburg. We have testing on Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, And Tuesday. I know that everyone is “ready”.  I am doing this post to let everyone know that I am too tired of tests in our academic classes. And I, along with most people at the school, don’t want to write 3-4 essays. But We get to use calculators so that’s the  good thing. Well, I have nothing to say so bye for now!  And Good Luck in your “exams”. 🙂 🙂

Blog Problems

Hey! Anyone having blog problems? Well if you are please do comment and I will comment back about the problem. Another good resource is: Elgin.

How to get to Elgin:

First, go to:

Second, go to the links under the cluster map. one of them will say : 1st periods blog

Third, find the name: Elgin

lastly, click on the link and comment on his latest post and he will most likely give you step by step details

Well, thanks for visiting my blog! See Ya for now 🙂

Band Nerds

Hello people. the whole band went to a concert today, including me( im a drumma). WE GOT SUPERIOR RANKINGS!!!! (that means that we got THE RANKING THAT WE POSSIBLY COULD GET!!!!!!!). and the best part is that we got a SHINY plack to hang in the band room!! See y’all people later.

GO WHITESBURG  BAND NERDS!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Blog Troubles

Hey people.I know that people are having troubles with there blogs because some people just got theirs recently, so if you people need help just comment on any of my blog posts and I’ll try to help you all out as soon as possible. Also other good human sources are: Rohit, me of course, Katherine, Cailet, and there are some more but those re the people i know right now that can help you with anything. And if no one can fix your problem, then the ultimate human source is Mrs. Seeley.

Thats all for right now!

Peace Out 🙂

A Hero

A hero is a person who cares about others and fights for them. A hero is also a person risks their life for you. A hero can be a leader who wants one thing and that is to keep their country free and safe.


Shooter A modern hero is a person who rather die then have their country in danger.  Also a hero could be just a person who helps the aged and the crippled.Planes

Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

Compare and Contrast:

Mandela worked to unite his country. Martin Luther King Jr. did the same . They were uniting their country in different ways though. Mandela was imprisoned for about 20 years. During this time South Africa had been separated by the apartheid. After being released, he was elected the president a few years later. He believed that he could bring his country back together by playing a sport where everyone could cheer for who ever hey like. Then Mandela invited the best rugby player to be on there team. Everyone liked a good rugby team so by doing this, everyone started cheering for the same team. And that’s how he got his country to reunite.

MandelaMartin Luther King Jr. also did a lot of things but in a whole different way. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech making thousands of people realize what kind of chaos they were living in. He also went on “long marcheDr. Kings for freedom”. And just like Mandela he did not do anything related to violence.